A la carte from served between 15.00-21.00



Crayfish (2,7)

Asparagus and creamed lobster sauce

NOK 149,-

Wine suggestion: J. Moreau Chablis


Dried and cured ham with cantaloupe (12)

Served on flatbread, rocket salad and whortleberry sour cream

NOK 139,-

Wine suggestion: Doppf & Iron Crèmant





Grilled lamb carrè (7)

Grilled tomato and paprika, mushroom sauce and oven baked potatoes

NOK 335,-

Wine suggestion: Borgogno Barbera d’Alba


Plank beef tenderloin (3,7)

Squash, carrot, mushrooms, asparagus wrapped in bacon, pommes duchesse and

sauce Béarnaise

NOK 395,-

Wine suggestion: Radio Boca


Filet mignon Black & White (3,12)

100g beef tenderloin and 100g pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.

Served with squash, carrot, mushrooms, asparagus, oven baked potato, red wine sauce and sauce Béarnaise

NOK 365,-

Wine suggestion: Masi Campofiorin




Oven baked trout (2,3,4,7)

Carrots, asparagus, lobster sauce topped with tiger shrimps.

Served with pommes duchesse

NOK 295,-

Wine suggestion: Cono sur Bicicleta Chardonnay


Steamed cod (2,4,7)

Sauteed vegetables, white asparagus white wine sauce and oven baked potatoes

NOK 275,-

Wine suggestion: Georg Breuer Riesling Sauvage




Vanilla ice cream, lukewarm blackberries, Advokaat and cream.(3,7,12)

NOK 138,-


Chocolate fondant (3,7)

Berries and vanilla ice cream

NOK 138,-


Fried breaded Camembert (1a,3,7)

Cloudberry jam and vanilla ice cream

NOK 138,-



Steamed trout (1a,11)

Creamed pasta

NOK 119,-

Sausages (7,9,10)

Sausages and french fries

NOK 89,-

Mini pizza (1a,7) 

Tomato sauce, cheese and ham

NOK 89,-


1. Gluten

a, Flour

b, Rye

c, Barley

d, Oats

e, Spelled

f, Khorasan wheat

2. Shellfish

3. Egg

4. Fish

5. Peanuts

6. Soy

7. Milk

8. Nuts

a, Almonds

b, Hazel nuts

c, Walnuts

d, Cashews

e, Pecans

f, Pistachios

g, Brazil nuts

h, Macadamias

9. Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame

12. Sulfite

13. Lupine

14. Molluscs