A la carte from served between 15.00-21.00



Neck of pork terrine (7,9)

Honey glazed fig, parsnip and spring onion

NOK 145,-


Oven baked halibut from Gulen (2,4,7)

Potatoe cream, choritzo, butterfried sugar peas, baked garlic and glazed onion

NOK 157,-


Fried scallops (2,6,7)

Cauliflower cream and ginger butter

NOK 145,-






Beef tenderloin (7,9)

Red wine glazed shallots, fried parsley,

apple, carrot cream and red wine jus

NOK 395,-


Braised veal breast in apple juice from Leikanger (9)

Herbal potatoes, root vegetables,

shallots and coarsely chopped parsley

NOK 390,-


Pieces of deer (7,9)

Cauliflower cream, today`s vegetables,

 orange- and vanilla flavoured onion

and white wine jus.

NOK 397,-


Apple glazed neck of pork (7,9)

Salt baked root vegetables,

fried apples and parsley

NOK 324,-





Oven baked trout (2,3,4,7)

Today`s vegetables and crayfish bisque.

Served with pommes duchesse.

NOK 295,-


Oven baked halibut from Gulen (2,4,7)

Sour cream and onion marmelade,

fried chorizo garlic,

aubergine compote with apricot and spring onion

NOK 345,-





Troika confectionery (7,8)

Raspberry sorbet

NOK 155,-


Chocolate parfait (7,8)

Honey baked fig

NOK 143,-


Ginger ice cream with strawberry sorbet (7,8)

Apple chutney and cognac truffle

NOK 160,-





Steamed trout (1a,11)

Creamed pasta

NOK 119,-


Sausages (7,9,10)

Sausages and french fries

NOK 89,-


Mini pizza (1a,7) 

Tomato sauce, cheese and ham

NOK 89,-



1. Gluten

a, Flour

b, Rye

c, Barley

d, Oats

e, Spelled

f, Khorasan wheat

2. Shellfish

3. Egg

4. Fish

5. Peanuts

6. Soy

7. Milk

8. Nuts

a, Almonds

b, Hazel nuts

c, Walnuts

d, Cashews

e, Pecans

f, Pistachios

g, Brazil nuts

h, Macadamias

9. Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame

12. Sulfite

13. Lupine

14. Molluscs